Clear Channel Outdoor Protects Animal Abusers

Over the last many months, CWI has been working closely with animal advocates in Tucson, Arizona to mount a billboard focused on educating the public about rodeo cruelty in the Tucson Rodeo. We worked with Clear Channel Outdoors to secure a package deal that would allow us to have tremendous exposure throughout the Tucson area and received assistance from them in finalizing our artwork. This was the final design: CWI signed a contract with Clear Channel Outdoors and paid the fees by the deadline requested by Clear Channel after local Tucson animal advocates stepped up to fund the project. And then, at the 11th hour on January 26th, we were informed that the management of Clear Channel Outdoo


Friends, This morning we are ecstatic to share the amazing news that a judge in Lawrence County, Alabama has ruled in Nosey's favor. She will remain in sanctuary and never again need to know the pain and suffering of circus life! While we expect the Liebels will appeal this decision, they face numerous and ongoing legal actions and challenges, so we are confident that this ruling will result in Nosey's forever freedom. This is a monumental achievement, and we thank each and every one of you who raised awareness for Nosey or who worked alongside us at CompassionWorks International to help us fight for her through monitoring her whereabouts, capturing photos and videos, creating laws tha

CWI Speaks Out Against "Trophy"

Last night, CNN broadcast the documentary film "Trophy." They bought the film after viewing it at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2017. Despite being billed as an "objective" look at the trophy hunting industry, "Trophy" is anything but. And we should know....because we are in it. How did CWI end up in a pro-trophy hunting film? In January/February 2016, CWI led the first-ever protests of the Safari Club International conference that took place in Las Vegas. We hosted 3 days of protests, which culminated in the Worldwide Rally For Cecil, an event that over 30 cities around the world participated in. During the protest, two individuals approached CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc ex

Kelly Miller Circus to go Exotic-Animal Free

Thanks to the work of thousands, Kelly Miller Circus has committed to going exotic-animal free during the 2018 circus season. Under new management, which has apparently seen the light that abusing animals for entertainment is a relic of a sad and unfortunate past, Kelly Miller will no longer haul around elephants like Anna Louise, Cindy, and Jenny in order to entertain the masses. CWI has been campaigning against Kelly Miller Circus for the last four years and has set up countless protests against them. Our investigation videos have been seen by tens of thousands. While we applaud this decision, we encourage Kelly Miller to commit to being entirely animal-free. We will be monitoring their sh

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