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Want to donate to a sanctuary focused on exotic/wild animals, but you're unclear on which organizations are true sanctuaries? Or to support an effective in situ conservation or rescue effort? CWI takes the guesswork out of these complicated decisions! We only support environments in which animals are allowed to live, as far as possible in captivity, a natural existence, and organizations performing animal-centered conservation or rescue work. We carefully vet our prospective donors to ensure that animals have the freedom, resepct, and care they deserve.

CWI's The ReWild Fund will make grants once per year (or more frequently if funding allows and need dictates). Grant applications are not accepted.


Please donate today to help us help them live their best lives!

CWI has proudly supported the following organizations:


To support the care of
elephants SanMueng and TangMo who were rescued from Phuket Zoo following CWI's 2018-2020 campaign.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 11.23.46 AM.png

To support in situ pangolin conservation efforts in Vietnam.


To support improvements to Southern Koala and Echidna Rescue's Koala "Kindy" so that rescued koala joeys have the climate control they need.

By founding The ReWild Fund, CWI endeavors to provide even more support to sanctuaries and conservation efforts. We can, with your help! Donate today.

To support the rescue of animals following the 2020 Australian wildfires.


Is CWI a 501c3 nonprofit? Yes! Our Tax ID # is 46-4255305. Your donations to CWI are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Is my donation secure? Yes! We utilize one of the largest donation processors in the U.S., which services organizations much larger than CWI. They use advanced fraud proteection technology throughout their system.

Can I donate some other way? Yes! We gratefully receive donations by PayPal to: You can also donate by mail to: CompassionWorks International, PO Box 92586, Henderson, NV 89009.

Can I change or cancel a monthly donation? Yes! By setting up a "fastaction" account (found in the upper righthand corner of our donation form), you have complete control over your monthly donation and may change your card number, update your donation amount, and more!

Why isn't CWI on Charity Navigator? Apologies! We have no ability to acquire representation on charity assessment sites due to our small size. However, we go above and beyond by filing the "long form" version of the Form 990 with the IRS in an effort to be completely transparent with our donors. We invite inquiries into our structure, strategy and finances at


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