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July 1-2, 2021

(in light of the cancelation of the Safari Club International Convention due to Covid-19, we are changing our usual format and hosting WRATH on the date of the passing of Cecil the lion. WRATH 2021 may be online-only depending upon the pandemic. We will return to a winter date corresponding with the SCI convention in 2022.)


We remember Cecil.


On July 1, 2015, after suffering for approximately 40 hours, Cecil the lion was brutally murdered by American dentist Walter Palmer. This travesty has risen awareness about the brutual, selfish, and ego-driven activity known as "trophy hunting," during which animals are senselessly slaughtered for the purpose of becoming a head hung on a wall or a skin thrown on a floor. Cecil was a father, a partner, a leader. He died because a very small man with a lot of money thought it would be fun to kill him.


In his honor, we fight.


In February 2016, individuals in 35 cities in 6 countries around the world came together to speak out for the animals being killed by trophy hunters. While we remember Cecil, we also remember all animals, both international and domestic, who are having their precious lives cut short by wealthy individuals with too much time on their hands. Cecil's death created a worldwide outrage and at that time we promised never to forget and to never, ever stop fighting for justice. 

The time has come to put an end to the deadly, selfish practice of trophy hunting.


The Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting will take place on February 8, 2020 and will coincide with the annual conference of Safari Club International, which takes place from February 5 - 8 in Reno, Nevada. Rallies will take place all over the world, as we collectively show trophy hunters that we will not accept the merciless slaughter of our precious wildlife any longer. Our goal? To raise awareness about international and domestic trophy hunting and to make a stand for the hunters' helpless victims. 

Join us in taking part in the largest anti-trophy hunting rally in the world.


Please view our current list of rallies at our map below. If a rally is not yet scheduled for your area, and you would like to lead one, please email us at

Ready to Lead a Rally Against Trophy Hunting event in 2021?

We wil post more details in the Fall of 2020!

2020 WRATH events







Los Angeles (protest of local SCI event on April 18)

Sacramento  (protest of local SCI event on March 21)

Anaheim (protest of local SCI event on March 14)

San Diego (protest of local SCI event on March 7)

San Diego


Denver ( February 7)



Miami (link forthcoming)







Las Vegas 


New Hampshire


New York

New York

North Carolina

Asheville (link forthcoming)

Charlotte (link forthcoming)


Portland (link forthcoming; protest at local SCI event on 2/29)

South Carolina



Dallas (Dallas Safari Club Protest  Jan 11)

Houston (Houston Safari Club protest Jan 24-25)


Springdale (link forthcoming)


Washington, DC (February 7) 






(Australian rallies have been cancelled

for this year due to the ongoing fire

crisis taking place across the country.)







(info forthcoming)


Information for Rally Hosts and Participants

CompassionWorks International believes in the power of compassionate advocacy for animals.

All WRATH events are expected to be peaceful, educational, and focused on spreading awareness about the travesty of trophy hunting. Our goal is to shine a light on this murderous activity, and to encourage the adoption of state and federal laws to ban the importation of hunted "trophies."


Where should rallies be held?

Rallies should be held in public spaces so as to gain the best possible exposure for your rally. Government buildings, city centers, busy intersections, or near relevant organizations or businesses that promote or support trophy hunting all make great rally locations. Make sure to connect with your local town hall and police department to ensure you are obeying all local laws and addressing possible permitting needs. 


What should take place at your rally?

Your rally can take many forms. Generally, it will involve the holding of posters and the distribution of informational literature and look much like a protest or a march. However, if you are holding an indoor rally due to weather concerns, you can host a film or a speaker. The goal is to educate the public as widely as you are able about the issue and to involve the media, if possible.


What materials will be available?

In the coming months, we will provide downloadable posters designs, as well as an educational leaflet. We will also provide talking points for addressing the media. If we raise the needed funds, CWI will address media needs across the country. If we are unable, we will also provide sample press releases which you can send out to your local media. Posters and leaflets will be made available free of charge to all rally leaders. Additional materials will be designed that you may print locally.


Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, although we hope Rally participants will choose to wear the official Rally shirt. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt are invested in supporting the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting. At CWI, we believe in the power of professionalism. Please, dress in a manner that is relatable to the general public, and avoid anything outrageous or that involves inappropriate language or violence. 


How can I help?

You can help by attending or starting a Rally in your area, or attending the main protests and Rally in Las Vegas, NV. We also need help in our organization of the Worldwide Rally. If you would like to volunteer to assist, please email us at and let us know how you can help!


What else can I do?

Please, sign and share our petition encouraging the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino to stop hosting Safari Club International. You can also make a donation to support the Worldwide Rally and help us to get the media coverage and materials we need for our event to be a success! To make a donation without using our secure, online form, please email us at


How can I keep up-to-date?

Be sure that you have joined the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting event page, and be sure to invite people to the event and share it! Also, visit the CompassionWorks International homepage and sign-up to receive our monthly e-newsletters. 


Watch the 2018 Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting!

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Official Rally Posters


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2018 Worldwide Rally for Cecil