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Kobe Suma Sea World Hotel:


Kobe Suma SeaWorld Hotel.jpeg

We were shocked and horrified when we saw the awful "swimming with the dolphins" pool at the brand new Kobe Suma Sea World Hotel.

Not only is the confinement of dolphins for human entertainment morally wrong, but the travesty is compounded at this venue in Japan in which the dolphins are kept in extremely inadequate conditions. The tank here is barely adequate as a child's swimming pool, yet Kobe Suma is keeping two dolphins in it WITH NO SHADE WHATSOEVER.

We must speak out NOW. The hotel opened on June 1, 2024, so it is not too late for them to do the right thing and repurpose the pool for a humane use and rehome the dolphins to an appropriate setting. 

Use our form below to reach the hotel and corporate management and ask them to change course now and retire the confined dolphins to a suitable, natural environment.


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