Our Mission

At CompassionWorks International, we believe in kindness, respect, unity, dialogue, community, commitment, strategic action, one world for all beings, neighbors talking to neighbors, and friends sharing with friends.


And, like you, we envision a day when all animals are able to live their lives free from harm and suffering


But change for animals will not happen unassisted. The animals held captive by the entertainment industry, used for medical testing, and slaughtered for their fur, skins, and flesh need our collective voice. They are counting on us to speak loudly, clearly, and effectively on their behalf to let the world know that they are sentient beings with families, feelings, and a right to freedom.


At CWI, we provide the assistance needed to bring hope to animals. We believe that by implementing professional, strategic actions within our communities, every one of us can be a beacon of light that spreads awareness about the pain and suffering that occurs inside the tanks, under the big tops, at the hands of trophy hunters, and behind the shuttered doors of factory farms and medical testing facilities.


Stand with CWI as we create a free and fair world for all beings.

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year Report

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Carrie LeBlanc, MA

President and Executive Director

As the Founder and Executive Director of CompassionWorks International, Carrie works diligently to improve and enhance the techniques and strategies in the animal advocacy movement. Her leadership has led to the demise of circuses and circus performances, and helped to change hearts and minds with regard to issues of animal captivity and trophy hunting.


Prior to founding CWI, Carrie worked with many notable organizations including Mercy For Animals, Compassion Over Killing, FARM, and Darwin Animal Doctors. As a recognized expert in the fields of nonprofit management and fundraising, Carrie has successfully raised millions of dollars for charity work, helped to restructure and stabilize numerous nonprofit organizations, and has consulted for or advised over a dozen nonprofits focused on animal protection.


An animal activist from a young age, Carrie became vegetarian shortly after graduating from high school and went vegan twenty years later after learning of the tragic plight of male chicks hatched into the egg industry. A year after becoming vegan, Carrie founded Go Vegan USA, a project focused on community-based activism, and ran the founding chapter in Santa Barbara, California. Amongst other activities, Carrie co-founded the Animal Rescue Fund of Santa Barbara, has been a board member on her local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and has published several articles related to veganism, nonprofits, and fundraising.


Carrie holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology and a master’s degree in art history both from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is a published art historian. She currently lives in Henderson, Nevada where she enjoys spending time with her husband and her canine companion, Kita.


Julie Cappiello

Board Secretary and Social Media Advisor

When Julie was in eighth grade, she was voted "most likely to become an animal rights activist" in her graduation yearbook. Now, years later, she is a vegan and animal activist for more than six years and focuses on urging fellow animal activists to get involved in their local communities. As a descendent of former circus-owners, animal "trainers", and circus aerialists, Julie spends her days working for animal-free circuses and helping animals (ab)used for entertainment.

Tony "the Aussie"

Volunteer Coordinator and Photographer

Tony is new to the world of animal advocacy, but brings a wealth of experience with him to CompassionWorks International. Both a professional photographer and a successful entrepreneur, Tony has already expanded our cache of photography that we use to create dynamic and effective protest posters and leaflets. He has also served as the official photographer of the Worldwide Rally For Cecil.


Tony is additionally serves as a committee member of CWI's Vegas VegFest and coordinates all volunteer activities surrounding the fest. He is currently working to broaden CWI's range of events to include other vegan gatherings and festivals in the Las Vegas valley.


He looks forward to continuing to assist in building CWI's range of programming and visual content, while also perfecting his vegan ice cream recipes!

Advisory Board


Gayle S. Boesky, Esq., Attorney

Ady Gil, Philanthropist

Matthew Goodwin, Former Board President, VegFund and Entrepreneur

Bryan Monell, Undercover Investigator and Animal Activist 

Kristen Moyer, Attorney

Thomas Ponce, Executive Director, Lobby For Animals

Julia Murray Portugal, Attorney

Deb Robinson, Attorney and Captive Animal Expert

Martyn Stewart, BBC Filmmaker and Undercover Investigator


Vegas VegFest Committee


Carrie LeBlanc

Stacey Miller

Amber Allen

Elizabeth Petroff

Tim Rafalski

Michelle Rubin

Lead Volunteers:

Jill Barnes, Marcie Allen, Jennifer Prince, Karrie Harvey, Beverly Wood, Saira Chaudry, Meagan Hodson, Will Demaree, Claire Ramsey


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