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Vegas VegFest is the largest vegan advocacy event in Nevada. And that's not all we do!

Vegas VegFest


In 2016, CWI hosted the first-ever community-focused vegan advocacy event in the state of Nevada. We expected 500 people...and a couple thousand showed up! We proudly continue with our Vegas VegFest event, which we've always offered free-of-charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

Our focus with Vegas VegFest is to provide a fun, educational day that inspires a positive attitude toward living vegan. With delicious food and dozens of other vendors, music, comedy, inspirational speakers, kids activities and much more, Las Vegans of all ages (and folks from all over our region and beyond!) learn what it truly means to live with kindness and compassion. 

Vegas VegFest.2017.png

Vegan Villages


When Clark County Parks & Recreation saw the enormous success of Vegas VegFest, they realized that they wanted to also offer a vegan experience at two of their events. So they called us to get involved, and of course we said yes. That's when CWI's Vegan Villages were born! 

Each year, we put together extensive vegan sections at two of the County's annual community festivals. As you can see from the photo at right, sometimes our vegan visitors outnumber the other festival goers! We are grateful to have these important opportunities to share the joys of vegan food with folks who might not otherwise attend a vegan event. To our knowledge, our partnership with Clark County Parks & Rec is the only one like it in the country!

Vegas Vegan Advocacy


Headquartered in Southern Nevada, CWI is uniquely positioned to reach hundreds of thousands of people who visit the Las Vegas Valley each year. We've run three different themed mobile billboards on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, which have reached countless numbers of people with our messages of kindness toward all beings.

However, we also working one-on-one with individuals as well. So we hold community vegan potlucks and offer periodic vegan educational sessions so that those wanting to change their diet can move forward easily and healthfully! We are proud to produce our VegFest, Villages, and vegan advocacy offerings completely free-of-charge to participants.

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A Kind World


CWI's latest website, A Kind World, is unique in the world of vegan websites in that it takes a holistic look at what it means to live vegan. While diet is certainly an important component, it's not the only reason to "go vegan." At A Kind World, we endeavor to give visitors a quick look at the many issues surrounding the use and abuse of animals in our world with the goal of inspiring a shift toward a more compassionate lifestyle.

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