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Why help animals? 

Day in and day out, billions of animals around the world are condemned to live their lives at the mercy of individuals who profit off of their pain and suffering...and no one listens to their cries. 

  • In the circus, they are forced to perform tricks unnatural to them by being beaten, chained, shocked, and injured with sharp instruments called bullhooks.

  • On factory farms, animals are mutilated, tortured, caged, drugged, and living lives of pure suffering until their untimely deaths.

  • In the racing industry, greyhounds and horses are confined, unloved, drugged, and discarded when they are no longer "useful".

  • In aquatic parks, orcas, dolphins, and other intelligent, sentient beings are kept in small tanks, torn from their families, drugged, and forced to perform until they also die prematurely.


Every being deserves a life free from harm and suffering! The corporations and industries that are their trainers, owners, and jailers, ignore their pleas for release, for freedom, for love. We must use our own voices to speak against cruelty and educate our communities about the injustices animals face.

trophy hunting protest
circus protest

It takes a village to make change for animals! 


We often hear: "someone should do something!", "what are they doing about this", "why doesn't anyone stop this?!". To these questions we say: YOU CAN! You can be the one who spares animals from lives of terrible suffering and early death. CWI provides the information you need to raise awareness, educate your community, create new legislation, and efficiently and effectively change the trajectory for animals to one that provides hope for a brighter future.


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