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Nevada's bears are under threat, but you can make a difference! 

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The American Black Bear calls Nevada home! In the mountain ranges of Northwestern Nevada, approximately 300-400 individuals eat, sleep, and raise their young. Bears are an integral and fascinating part of our regional ecosystem.

But Nevada's bears are under constant threat from humans. The mortality rates for young bears are at approximately 50% due to interactions with humans. Nevada bears run the risk of being hit by cars, being killed because of being deemed "problematic" within communities located in bear habitat, and being killed as a result of the annual Nevada bear hunt.

Human encroachment into bear habitat must be managed responsibly in order to ensure the health and safety of Nevada bears. Several simple actions can spare the lives of countless bears. These actions include: keeping trash secure, not leaving food sources open and accessible, not placing bird or other types of animal feeders in yards, and being diligent about picking up barbecue waste. Click here for a list of other items around the home that attract bears, and what you can do to take action.

The annual bear hunt is opposed by the vast majority of Nevadans. The hunt, which in 2017 allows the killing of 20 individuals, has no bearing on conservation, but is a concession to those who hunt for entertainment. Further, the state of Nevada allows the cruel hunting of bears with hounds, which puts both hounds and bears at risk and causes unnecessary stress and danger for all involved. Learn more about the senseless bear hunt and why it must end.

To assist the effort to minimize Nevada bear death, we call for:

  • The implementation of mandatory bear-proof trash cans on properties located within bear country.

  • Non-lethal bear management practices to be used by the Nevada Department of Wildlife and local police departments.

  • An end to the yearly and unnecessary Nevada bear trophy hunt. 


Sign our petition calling for an end to the Nevada bear hunt.
Live in bear country? Here are some tips!
  • Use a bear-resistant trash receptacle placed at least 25 feet from your home.
  • Lock and keep all food out of your car or boat.
  • Thoroughly clean up after cooking outdoors.
  • Remove bird feeders during months bears are active.
  • Feed companion animals indoors.
  • Secure ground-level doors and windows.
  • Use caution when driving.
Learn more about what you can do to keep bears safe.
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