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Elephant exploitation in Colorado continues despite the law.

The "Traveling Animal Protection Act", supported by CWI and enacted in 2021, was meant to end elephant exploitation in Colorado. But the Colorado Renaissance Festival doesn't care about the law or elephants - they only care about their bottom line.

CWI has discovered that the Colorado Renaissance Festival continues to use elephants at their event. While they are no longer giving rides as they used to - as seen here in our 2017 investigation - they continue to exploit elephants by claiming that they are onsite for "educational" purposes. This is nothing more than a gross attempt to subvert Colorado law.

2017 CWI Investigation of CO Renaissance Festival

"Trunks and Humps", the business that owns Paige, Jeanie and Krissy, is far from being an educational organization. They are a for-profit business that capitalizes off of elephant rides for more than half the year, primarily at Renaissance festivals across the country. They are not veterinarians, zoologists, or experts - they are profiteers living off the work of three precious African elephants.

Video obtained by CWI of the opening weekend of the festival shows that much of the "educational program" at the Colorado Renaissance Festival does in fact feature elephants doing tricks under the constant threat of a bullhook. This is a direct violation of Colorado state law.

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Images obtained June 16, 2024 at the Colorado Renaissance Festival showing the elephants doing tricks.

CWI is pursuing action with the state of Colorado related to this situation. In the meantime, please join us in letting the Colorado Renaissance Festival know that you find their continued use of elephants unjust and abhorrent and that you will NOT attend their event as long as they continue this vile practice.

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