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CWI Campaigns

At CWI, we believe in the power of effective animal advocacy and empowering individuals to take action for animals in their own communities. Much of our work involves helping YOU to be a powerful voice against cruelty. In addition to that work, we investigate and advocate against institutionalized animal cruelty. We believe that every being has a right to live free from unnecessary pain and suffering. To that end, we fight against the circus, the rodeo, marine mammal confinement, zoos, horse racing, trophy hunting, factory farming, and other industries that put dollars ahead of lives. 


Visit our Animal Advocate Resource page for more on how to get involved in taking effective action for animals. 


protest animal cruelty

CWI proudly supports advocacy 

for many types of animal cruelty

events, including horse racing. 

Contact us if you need assistance!

Thailand elephant abuse

We have a passion for koalas! During the 2020 fires, CWI was able to lend support to several organization working on the front lines in Australia.



Anti-animal circus advocacy is CWI's founding and most successful campaign. Since 2012, we have organized and conducted protests, written petitions, educated the public, completed investigations, and supported legislation. We've celebrated the closing of Kelly Miller Circus, Circus Pages, and Ringling Bros Circus and the placement of Nosey the elephant into sanctuary. Help us continue our work! 

ZOOS and Aquariums

CWI opposes the unnecessary confinement of animals. Many, like elephants, polar bears, dolphins, orcas, and apex predators, are especially unsuited to cages, tanks, and intensive confinement, but are kept by zoos and aquarium in order to bring visitors to their doors. CWI hosts an annual "Freedom Matters" event highlighting the need to focus on in situ conservation over breeding for the purpose of captivity, which is NOT a true conservation effort. 



The rodeo is an outdated and cruel "sport" that deserves to be relegated to the dustbin of history like other abuse industries. Animals forced to participate in rodeo events frequently suffer from broken ribs, hematomas, severed tracheas, ripped tendons, and many other life-threatening injuries that no being should suffer from in the name of "entertainment."  Take action today.


Trophy Hunting

Cecil the lion

Following the death of Cecil the lion in 2016, CWI organized the Rally For Cecil, which in later years was rebranded as the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (WRATH). Our event focuses on educational outreach during the annual convention of Safari Club International (SCI). We partner with numerous organizations both in the U.S. and abroad to combat dometic and international "thrill killing."

Vegan Advocacy

vegan advocacy

At CWI, we fight for the rights and freedoms of ALL animals. We are uniquely positioned to reach hundreds of thousands of people with a message of kindness for all due to being the only international animal advocacy organization headquartered in Nevada. We run several projects in the state focused on compassion-based education culminating in our yearly Vegas VegFest event. We invite you to join us!

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