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& Rescues
with CWI


Ending animal cruelty sometimes results in the need for sanctuaries, rescues, or conservation work. At CWI, we believe it is our responsibility as an advocacy organization to provide support to animals in need, particularly ones left homeless as a result (either directly or indirectly) of our campaign work. Join us in improving the lives of animals and giving them a second chance!

CWI founded the ReWild Fund in response to our successes for captive and wild animals.

The need was clear: the animals we advocate for need safe homes, whether that home was continued existence in the wild or the safety of a reputable sanctuary.

Participating in CWI's The ReWild Fund means having certainty that your donations are going to reputable projects that have demonstrated both financial responsibility and proper animal husbandry.

Help us help those that help the animals

that we help!

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We'll never forget the day we saw the post: a beautiful pig was set to die on Mother's Day. A small sanctuary was willing to rescue her, but they had no funding to pay for her ongoing costs. Could somebody help?

We knew that CWI supporters would choose only one thing: the life of this precious pig, now named Callie by CWI staff.

With Callie's Fund, we aim to continue to provide the support needed to care for Callie for life. We also aim to help other farmed animals that find themselves without hope and in need of rescue.

CWI staff has over 50 years of combined experience in working with nonprofits and animal protection organizations. We have the knowledge needed to assess whether a nonprofit will utilize funding wisely and whether it has the expertise needed to complete its intended aim. Want to support conservation, sanctuaries, or rescue but unsure where to turn? Join us!

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