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an anti-captivity demonstration

November 5, 2022

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Freedom Matters to ALL beings.


Animal captivity is a travesty that must end. While those of us who love animals may relish the thought of seeing them in real life, the reality of those lives for animals is far from what, if we are being honest with ourselves, we would want for them. Cages, chains, tanks, and other means of confinement deny animals the natural lives that they are meant to live.


Ask yourself: if you were "safer" living your life in jail, would you choose to live there or to take your chances "in the wild"? And, knowing what you know of jails, do you actually believe that you'd be safer in jail? If you could live a longer life by being jailed, would that be your choice? We suspect, no matter what the promise, you'd choose a free life for yourself. Animals would, too, if they could make decisions and act for their own interests.


All animals, including humans, have natural inclinations toward certain environments, foods, and social behaviors. Zoos, aquariums, and other confinement businesses deny animals these inclinations, and force them to live in a false construct for which they are unsuited and which denies them their fundamental right to freedom. 

Animals are not property, and humans do not have a fundamental right to do with them as we please. They are their own beings, who love, experience pain, and have families...just like you do. 


In honor of Harambe, Tillikum, and countless other victims of captivity, we fight.


Every week, we report on animals whose lives have been cut short due to the gross negligence of a captivity industry. The news is filled with instances of giraffes with broken necks, polar bears with disease, visitors falling or jumping into exhibits, animals escaping their enclosures and being killed and/or killing others in the process. For the countless numbers of animals whose lives have been cut short due to cruel and unnecessary confinement by humans, we hold Freedom Matters.

We must put an end to holding animals captive out of selfishness and greed.


Freedom Matters is an annual event. We endeavor to set up events all over the world in order to help visitors of zoos and other captivity industries wake up to the fact that animals are no more suited to being jailed than you or I. Our goal? To see a day when animals are supported in their natural habitats and not viewed as products to be exploited for personal "enjoyment."

Is there ever a time when captivity is warranted?


Sadly, with so many animals being bred in captivity for the purposes of captivity, there are tens of thousands of exotic animals currently held in captivity who are unsuited to life in the wild. For that reason, sanctuaries are necessary in order to preserve the dignity of the animals and to provide them with the highest quality of life possible. We support sanctuaries that minimize human/animal contact and provide animals with the "most natural" life possible, while minimizing any exploitation of their captivity.

Join us in building the largest anti-captivity event in the world.


Later this year, we will list Freedom Matters events as event leaders commit to hosting. If a rally is not yet scheduled for your area, and you would like to lead one, please fill out the form below. End captivity, end speciesism. 

Join the 2022 Freedom Matters event

Please fill out and submit the form below, and we will 

contact you with further details. Please be sure to state your city and/or country!!

Your protest has been submitted!

2022 Freedom Matters Events

Information for Freedom Matters

Hosts & Participants

CompassionWorks International believes in the power of compassionate advocacy for animals.

All Freedom Matters events are expected to be peaceful, educational, and focused on spreading awareness about the issue of animal captivity. Our goal is to change the perception of the morality of jailing animals for human entertainment or greed.


Where should demonstrations be held?

Demonstrations can be held at zoos, marine mammal parks, aquariums, and other places where animals are held captive. Be sure to hold your event on public property and to connect with your local town hall and police department to ensure you are obeying all local laws and addressing possible permitting needs. 


What should take place at your demonstration?

Your demo can take many forms. Generally, it will involve the holding of posters and the distribution of informational literature and look much like a protest or a march. However, if you are holding an indoor Freedom Matters event due to weather concerns, you can host a film or a speaker. The goal is to educate the public as widely as you are able about the issue and to involve the media, if possible.


What materials will be available?

Posters and leaflets will be available through us and via download from this site.  We will also provide general talking points for addressing the media, and are happy to help you develop talking points for your own specific event site. We will also provide sample press releases which you can send out to your local media.

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code. However, at CWI, we believe in the power of professionalism. Please, dress in a manner that is relatable to the general public, and avoid anything outrageous or that involves inappropriate language or violence. 


"How can I help?"

You can help by attending or starting a Freedom matters event in your area. We also need help in our organization of the Freedom Matters event. If you would like to volunteer to assist, please email us at and let us know you want to help!


What else can I do?

You can also make a donation to support the Freedom Matters event and help us to get the media coverage and materials we need for our event to be a success! To make a donation without using our secure, online form, please email us at


How can I keep up-to-date?

Visit the CompassionWorks International homepage and sign-up to receive our monthly e-newsletters. 


Freedom Matters, Las Vegas 2017
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Official Freedom Matters Posters

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Freedom Matters is a campaign of the nonprofit CompassionWorks International. 

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