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Friends, This morning we are ecstatic to share the amazing news that a judge in Lawrence County, Alabama has ruled in Nosey's favor. She will remain in sanctuary and never again need to know the pain and suffering of circus life! While we expect the Liebels will appeal this decision, they face numerous and ongoing legal actions and challenges, so we are confident that this ruling will result in Nosey's forever freedom. This is a monumental achievement, and we thank each and every one of you who raised awareness for Nosey or who worked alongside us at CompassionWorks International to help us fight for her through monitoring her whereabouts, capturing photos and videos, creating laws that ban the circus, or protesting the circus. Nosey's freedom is truly a collective and phenomenal achievement! We are buoyed by this amazing success for Nosey, as we hope you are! Please visit to continue to support our work and to stand beside us as we fight for Anna Louise, Bo, Cindy, Jenny, and numerous other elephants still suffering behind the big top. Thank you once again for all of your actions for Nosey, your vigilance in notifying us when you have seen her or any traveling performing animal, and for supporting CWI in our efforts to put an end to circus cruelty once and for all. For the animals, Carrie LeBlanc, M.A. Executive Director CompassionWorks International

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