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CWI Update on Miami Seaquarium

March 11, 2024

Recently, a group of veterinarians from CWI and the nonprofit organization Our Honor visited Miami Seaquarium. Below is a statement from CWI Board Member and Veterinarian Niki Gianni on what she witnessed while there and an action you can take now.

I visited Miami Seaquarium with a group of other veterinarians to assess the animals. I have been to Seaquarium several times in the last 20 years, the last time being in 2013, so this was my first time being there after Lolita/Tokitae the orca's death. Her concrete prison of a tank remains empty, looming over the park entrance, roped off to guests. 

Overall, the park is in a state of disarray right now, beyond even just the animal issues - significant rusting of surfaces, seemingly understaffed, closed exhibits, and water leaking through ceilings on a rainy day. 

In terms of animal concerns:

  • one dolphin obviously refusing to perform during a show

  • reef tank fish with cloudy bulging eyes

  • the Top Deck Dolphin pool lacks reliable shade from the blisteringly hot Miami sun 

  • blasting loud music during shows truly lacking educational value, featuring circus stunts like trainers surfing on dolphins 

  • inadequate hiding places from the public eye for parrots/flamingos 

  • penguin exhibit has peeling paint and black patches of mold

  • general lack of enrichment for many highly intelligent species

  • parrots with significant feather plucking

  • the same unnatural barren archaic tanks still being used from when the park opened in 1955

This week, Mayor Levine-Cava announced eviction of the Miami Seaquarium, owned by The Dolphin Company, after them being late on lease payments to the county and a slew of active APHIS animal welfare concerns. 

Please thank the Mayor's office for stepping up and enough follow-through: call 305-375-5071 or email

Now, we must push for any animals possible to be retired to sanctuaries (although unfortunately, there are no currently operating marine mammal sanctuaries in the Americas) and if nothing else, being transferred to AZA-accredited, USDA-compliant, larger, more naturalistic facilities as a step in the right direction. Tell The Dolphin Company to retire MSQ's remaining animals: 

Niki Gianni

Veterinarian and CWI board member 

Some recent images from Miami Seaquarium:

miami seaquarium, animal rights

miami seaquarium, animal rights

miami seaquarium, animal rights


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