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Introducing Callie


It started with a Facebook post: a beautiful pig was going to die on Mother's Day unless she had an immediate rescue.

The sanctuary seeking to rescue her, like most small farmed animal sanctuaries, did not have the money to pay for her daily needs. If they could find someone willing to commit to her care, the pig would be rescued!

CWI responded to that call and pledged the ongoing support needed to save this precious pig, now named Callie by CWI staff. Callie is now SAFE and living her best life at Buster's Barn in California.

We are committed to ensuring that Buster's Barn has the funding they need to care for Callie both now and in the future. We also endeavor to help other small farmed animal sanctuaries complete life-saving rescues, too! Join us in giving the gift of life to deserving animals who have run out of hope and time.

Callie's Fund for farmed animal rescue


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