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An animal hoarding situation & banning the sale of guinea pigs in Vegas

Updated and republished on Tuesday, April 30

When the images came out, we could not believe our eyes. Over 50 guinea pigs were crammed into plastic totes and duffel bags found in the back of a car....some alive, some not.

Unfortunately, that was only the beginning.

Early in April, CWI took action regarding a horrible animal hoarding situation that, when all of the areas involving animals were discovered, involved an additional 38 guinea pigs, 24 dogs, 11 hamsters, 3 rabbits, 6 birds, and six tortoises. Tragically, SIXTY animals were found already dead.

A couple in their 70s have been charged in two different jurisdictions. In the first case, they were charged with misdemeanor animal abuse in Boulder City, Nevada. They were ultimately sentenced to 2.5 years of house arrest and prohibited from owning animals. Additional conditions of release involved mandatory counseling and random searches of home and vehicle. Separtely, they are facing 14 felony charges each of willful/malicious torture/maiming/killing animals. That case is ongoing.

This horrible situation is a nightmare for animals and for the community. We spoke to FOX5 Las Vegas about this and our effort to ban the sale of guinea pigs in pet stores in the Vegas valley. Unfortunately, the Vegas valley consists of four different legislative districts meaning that four separate campaigns are needed. However, our first target is Clark County, and we are happy to share that we are meeting with a Clark County commissioner on Monday about adding guinea pigs to an existing pet store ordinance. Meanwhile, our friends at Vegas Friends of Guinea Pig Rescue have been working overtime to find fosters for the homeless guinea pig hoarding vitcims.

If you are a Las Vegas local (ONLY, please!), click here to sign our petition if you have not already.

(We are choosing not to post any images of the hoarding situation. There are several available online, but we warn that they are difficult to look at.)

For all beings, both great and small, CWI is there! 


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