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Rest In Peace, Carol


We are sad to share that Carol the elephant recently passed away. Myakka Elephant Ranch, which exploited her for profit in her post-circus years, reported that she died unexpectedly of a heart-related issue. Carol was approximately 50 years old.

Prior to her move to Myakka, Carol was owned by the horrible Carden Circus, which forced her to give rides and perform stupid circus tricks since the 1970s. They even rented her to the Gold Unit of Ringling Bros Circus. She has traveled hundreds of thousads of miles during her miserable existence "living" under the constant threat of a bullhook.

In 1990, Carol killed a trainer -- possibly intentionally depending on which account you believe. Despite that, she was still exposed to the public and forced to give rides and do stupid tricks.

Carol also has the unique and unfortunate distinction of being the victim of a drive-by shooting in Mississippi. No one was ever arrested for the crime. She took a bullet to the neck and had a year off the road for recovery before being forced back right back into traveling circus life.

It didn't matter to Carol's exploiters that she'd killed someone, that she'd been shot, that she'd already done decades of work, that they had beaten her for their own profit -- nothing was enough, and Carol was never given sanctuary.

Rest in peace, brave Carol. May you finally run free without worry about chains, bullhooks, trucks, boxcars, selfish profiteers, the vile Carden family, and inane circus tricks.

Never attend circuses that use animals! Never ride an elephant - whether traveling abroad, at a circus, or at your local county faire.

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