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Betty & Janice used to sell cars in Tulsa


Yesterday we learned that Betty and Janice are at a car dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma being used for rides and photos.

They even brought Betty into the dealership for photos, and her "handler" can be heard bossing her around inside a building full of people!

We rallied action, and the dealership heard from CWI supporters loud and clear. Our message even reached two biker groups! They were assured by the dealership that Betty and Janice would be sent off, so we backed down.

Sure enough, that was a lie. We found out that the elephants were back on site this morning. And even though the dealership claimed no rides were being done, Janice is equipped with a riding saddle.

We are done with their lies.


Please act now by contacting the Patriot CDJR Tulsa dealership directly:

Phone: (918) 372-2924

Address: 4627 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK, United States, Oklahoma

Email the general manager:

We STRONGLY encourage you to call, as that is the best way to get the point across and ensure they never do this again. 

Please note, the dealership also has camels, goats, ponies and many other animals on site during this extreme heat warning! We hope you will speak for them as well. NO animal deserves to be used to sell cars!

Thank you for continuing to stand with CWI against animal exploitation.


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