Animal Cruelty in Missouri

This past weekend, CWI found Loomis Bros Circus performing in rural Missouri with tigers, horses, and elephants Okha and Kosti. Despite the fact that the pandemic rages on, Loomis Bros conducted elephant rides at times loading 6 people on the backs of Okha and Kosti. This despicable behavior proves that Loomis has concern for neither animal nor circus goer, which frankly is no surprise to us. Upcoming performances are set to take place in: Mountain View, Bonne Terre, Sullivan, and Festus, MO. If you are in these areas and are ready to take action, please contact us at Learn more about circus cruelty and get involved at our dedicated site Donate to support o

Bo Found Stereotyping in Oregon

In March 2020, Betty and Bo traveled to Grants Pass, Oregon for a performance with Jordan World Circus. They arrived just as Oregon was shutting down due to COVID-19. A brave activist decided to go to the circus anyway to see if Betty and Bo were there, and yes, they were. Bo was found stereotyping. His head swaying can be seen in this short video. Betty is behind him, unable to be seen in this clip, but was spotted with her head against the trailer to the right. The circus is animal cruelty. CWI continues to monitor circus activity every day so that we are prepared when they return to the road. To keep in-the-loop when we find a circus heading to your region, please visit:

The Fight Against Trophy Hunting Continues!

While we're gratified that COVID is keeping trophy hunters at home for the moment, we know it is just a matter of time before they recommence travel and killing. This is why we MUST keep up our efforts to educate the public about cruel trophy hunting! On July 1-2, CWI will remember Cecil the lion in a 2-day virtual demonstration. Cecil was a lion brutally killed by American dentist Walter Palmer in 2015. This year marks the 5-year anniversary of Cecil's passing and gives us all an opportunity to pause and remember his memory, while continuing our efforts to end cruel and immoral sport hunting. Click here for the Facebook event page for our July "Roar For Cecil" virtual event. We can also ann

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