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Bo Found Stereotyping in Oregon

In March 2020, Betty and Bo traveled to Grants Pass, Oregon for a performance with Jordan World Circus. They arrived just as Oregon was shutting down due to COVID-19. A brave activist decided to go to the circus anyway to see if Betty and Bo were there, and yes, they were. Bo was found stereotyping. His head swaying can be seen in this short video. Betty is behind him, unable to be seen in this clip, but was spotted with her head against the trailer to the right.

The circus is animal cruelty.

CWI continues to monitor circus activity every day so that we are prepared when they return to the road. To keep in-the-loop when we find a circus heading to your region, please visit: and sign up.

Sign our petition for Betty at:

(In the video, you can see Bo stereotyping. Betty is immediately behind him but not visible in this clip.)

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