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The Fight Against Trophy Hunting Continues!

While we're gratified that COVID is keeping trophy hunters at home for the moment, we know it is just a matter of time before they recommence travel and killing. This is why we MUST keep up our efforts to educate the public about cruel trophy hunting!

On July 1-2, CWI will remember Cecil the lion in a 2-day virtual demonstration. Cecil was a lion brutally killed by American dentist Walter Palmer in 2015. This year marks the 5-year anniversary of Cecil's passing and gives us all an opportunity to pause and remember his memory, while continuing our efforts to end cruel and immoral sport hunting. Click here for the Facebook event page for our July "Roar For Cecil" virtual event.

We can also announce that next year's Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting will take place February 6th with protests taking place in Las Vegas from February 3-6th outside the annual convention of Safari Club International. Look for protest information later this year. Learn more about WRATH here.

You don't need to wait until February to take action. Sign our petition asking the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to refuse to host immoral, bloodthirsty killers at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

Finally, our partner organization in the U.K., Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, has released an important new text outlining Safari Club International and and providing details on trophy hunting and trophy hunters. CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc was proud to give Trophy Hunters Exposed this endorsement:

Sales of this important book will support CTBTH. You can get your copy here. By using AmazonSmile and designating CompassionWorks International, you'll also generate a donation to CWI at no cost to you!

Thank you for continuing to stand with us against trophy hunting. Ready to take on a lead volunteer position? We are seeking a campaign coordinator. If you have organizing experience and would like to dedicate a few hours each week to ending trophy hunting, visit this link to learn more about this critical volunteer position.

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