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Another win against circus cruelty!


CWI was thrilled to receive the news that Hadi Shrine Circus will no longer use elephants in their circus.

In years prior, Hadi Shrine was one of the most egregious in terms of its elephant use. They frequently featured displays of as many as TEN elephants at one time. The fact that a circus that relied so heavily on blatant displays of elephant cruelty is turning a new page is a sure sign that the end of elephants in circuses is near and that all of our hard work is paying off.

Hadi was a frequent user of elephants from Carson and Barnes, which is the same horrible circus that rented recent elephant-escapee Viola to Jordan World Circus. Over the decades, Carson and Barnes have earned themselves more than 100 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

CWI has been supporting local activists in Evansville to protest Hadi Shrine circuses since 2019. We gladly partner with those willing to speak out against circus cruelty with posters, leaflets, press releases, kids coloring books and any other materials needed! If you are ready to speak out, visit our dedicated site: to get involved!


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