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400,003 views to end circus cruelty!


Elephants suffer in the circus! CWI"s message about the reality of circus life was received loud and clear during the annual performances of Osman Shrine Circus. We posted on digital billboards in four distinct portions of the city, all within a couple of miles from the circus venue. By working out a deal with the company, we were able to maximize our impact by paying per view, which led to just over 400,000 impressions!

We are sad to share that the Osman Shriners use Carden Circus including elephants Betty and Janice. We found numerous instances of Osman Shriners intentionally trying to mislead the public about their welfare and share no regard whatsoever for the fact that Betty and Janice are both elderly. They were forced to do tricks, give rides, and act as silly props for the notriously ridiculous Carden Circus.

At over 50 years old, their time is running out for a peaceful retirement far from the tortures of traveling circus life. Never go to the circus. Speak out against it often.

We thank the Animal Rights Coalition in Minnesota for their hard work in raising awareness about circus cruelty. They have diligently been protesting the Osman Shrine Circus for a number of years educating locals about the suffering that animals in circuses endure. If you are in MN, we strongly suggest connecting with ARC and getting involved in the fight against animal abuse.

CWI proudly supports local organizations with advice, posters, leaflets, and other related needs. If possible, we also gladly mount billboards like those we placed in St. Paul!

Unfortunately, our social media-based effort to raise funding for the St Paul billboards didn't go as well as we hoped. We only raise approximately half of the funds that we committed to spending. If you can chip in, we'd love to get these boards fully paid for and to move on to placing them in another city! Once you've donated, email us at if you'd like your donation to specifically be designated for billboards!


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