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Kelly Miller Circus to go Exotic-Animal Free

Thanks to the work of thousands, Kelly Miller Circus has committed to going exotic-animal free during the 2018 circus season.

Under new management, which has apparently seen the light that abusing animals for entertainment is a relic of a sad and unfortunate past, Kelly Miller will no longer haul around elephants like Anna Louise, Cindy, and Jenny in order to entertain the masses.

CWI has been campaigning against Kelly Miller Circus for the last four years and has set up countless protests against them. Our investigation videos have been seen by tens of thousands.

While we applaud this decision, we encourage Kelly Miller to commit to being entirely animal-free. We will be monitoring their shows to ensure that they keep their promise both in 2018, and in the future.

Thank you for standing with us in the fight against circus cruelty! Learn more:

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