Our campaign for Betty continues

Every week, CompassionWorks International monitors the whereabouts of circuses traveling with animals. With that information, we set up demonstrations and other actions that inform local communities about circus cruelty. Occasionally we find advocates willing to go the extra mile, and a community ready to fund great projects. This is the situation taking place this week in Wichita Falls, Texas! Starting today, we were able to mount a billboard to "greet" the upcoming performances of Garden Bros Circus. Garden Bros is touring with long suffering elephants Betty and Bo. You may recall Betty's plight from signing our petition demanding her release to sanctuary, which has collected over 225,000

CWI Demands Justice for Baby "Dumbo"

Following the horrific death of 3 year-old baby elephant "Dumbo" at Phuket Zoo, CWI jumped into action. As a supporting organization of the Animals for Asia Coalition, we requested that the coalition move forward with a demand to the Phuket government asking them to disallow Phuket Zoo from acquiring any new elephants. AfA agreed. CWI researched and completed the first draft of the letter, which was sent today to the Phuket government. You can reach the full text of our letter and our demands here. We are enormously grateful to the AfA for their involvement, and to the more than 180 organizations around the world who lent their support to the letter. Heading to Thailand? Please, use extreme

Camel FALLS in front of stunned audience

Yesterday in Wisconsin, a camel slipped and fell while under threat of a whip and being forced to perform in Carden Circus. The circus ringmaster went on to say how much the circus "loves" its animals. We're not sure what sort of love Carden Circus is into, but let's leave the whips and bullhooks to consenting adults, shall we? Get involved: circusprotest.com Support our work Facebook Instagram Twitter

CWI Launches "Boycott Botswana" Campaign

On May 31, CWI organized a demonstration in Las Vegas of an appearance by Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi at "JCK Las Vegas", the leading jewelry event in North America. In recent weeks, Masisi has announced a repeal of the elephant hunting ban that had existed in Botswana for the prior five years. This disgusting move, which puts the live of 400 elephants on the line, is purely political in nature and snubs the opinions of leading conservation experts. Masisi had already proven himself an enemy to elephants when he did away with important poaching protections for elephants and presented elephant feet to the leaders of neighboring countries as a gift when he met with them as part of an

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