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CWI Speaks Out Against "Trophy"

Last night, CNN broadcast the documentary film "Trophy." They bought the film after viewing it at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2017.

Despite being billed as an "objective" look at the trophy hunting industry, "Trophy" is anything but. And we should know....because we are in it.

How did CWI end up in a pro-trophy hunting film?

In January/February 2016, CWI led the first-ever protests of the Safari Club International conference that took place in Las Vegas. We hosted 3 days of protests, which culminated in the Worldwide Rally For Cecil, an event that over 30 cities around the world participated in.

During the protest, two individuals approached CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc explaining that they were doing a documentary on trophy hunting and asked for an interview in order to obtain "all sides of the story."

We obliged, and gave two interviews.

Upon seeing the film we realized that the filmmakers intentionally introduced the lead trophy hunter in the film into our protest in order to provoke reaction. He approached our group and interacted with protesters for a short time, which was shown in the film.

While Executive Director Carrie is both in the film and in the film's theatrical trailer, we condemn the film for its limited scope, intentional dismissal of factual information that refutes trophy hunter propaganda, and obvious agenda to promote hunting, as well as the farming of rhino horn.

We ask all of our followers not to view or engage with the film in any way, and to continue to be a voice against trophy hunting by participating in our Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting, which takes place February 3.

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