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Circuses are dragging animals around the country, again.

February 4, 2024

We are sad to report that, once again, animal-abusing circuses are out on the road. They appear to be following a very similar trajectory to last year. It can be difficult to know of any last minute changes to circus programming or the animals they are exploiting, but our ten years of experience working on this issue gives us certain insights.

Here is what you can expect:

Carden International Circus

Carden will generally travel with two elephants that they "own", Betty (55) and Janice (52). They are both used to give rides, for photo ops, as props in their acts, and to perform a series of ridiculous tricks.

Carden also appears to be traveling with camels (for rides and performance), horses (for performance), and miniature horses (for performance).

The circus has upcoming performances in: Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. Other states (not yet confirmed) will likely include: South Dakota, Alabama and Tennessee.

Jordan World Circus

Jordan does not own their own elephants. They rent them from Carson & Barnes Circus. which--as of last May--"owned" 22 elephants. Jordan frequently tours with two elephants. Last year they used Isa (54), Viola (58), and Kelly (54) for rides and to perform stupid tricks. At this moment, they are traveling with Isa and Viola.

Jordan World is also traveling with camels, ponies, and bison.

They have upcoming performances in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

Loomis Bros Circus

Loomis does not own their own elephants. They are presently using an elephant from the Tarzan Zerbini Circus named Patty (age unknown, likely 50+).

They are presently utilizing a tiger act, camels, zebras and ponies. We have also seen the periodic use of a capuchin for photo ops prior to the circus.

Loomis has upcoming shows at: Alabama and Florida.

Royal Hanneford Circus

Royal Hanneford does not own their own elephants. They do not stick with one particular provider. This year we have sadly seen them traveling with Betty. Previously they have used Carson & Barnes Circus elephants Lulu, Chang, and Zola.

They frequently travel with domestic and farmed animal acts including dogs, goats, and horses.

Royal Hanneford has upcoming shows in New York, Alabama and Georgia.

Tarzan Zerbini Circus

This circus does own their own elephants, though not all of them travel. Elephants frequently seen are Patty (as noted, presently with Loomis Bros Circus), Marie, and Schell.

Tarzan Zerbini Circus rarely tours and when they do perform it is frequently as a Shrine Circus (learn more about Shrine Circuses here). The acts accompanying them vary. It is important to note that Zerbini Family Circus is a different entity and does not travel with wild animals.

Mysterious Circus

This is a new circus and we are still gathering information. Presently they are traveling with an elephant named Okha owned by Brian Franzen. Okha is 53 years old and alone. Her two companions were relocated, each to a different facility (a zoo and a Six Flags), in the last two years.

Mysterious Circus presently has shows scheduled in Texas. They appear to also have a dog act.

Culpepper and Merriweather Circus

Culpepper and Merriweather Circus does not own or rent elephants. They own two tigers and a young lion who travel with them.

This circus takes a long winter break and then travels through small towns in the south and midwest. As of the publishing of this review, they have a date scheduled for March in Texas. In the past they have used ponies and horses.

A special note about "Shrine Circuses"

Shrine Circuses are not independent entities. They generally involve Carden International Circus, Royal Hanneford Circus or Tarzan Zerbini Circus. Learn more about Shrine Circuses here.

Viola and Isa forced to perform in Jordan World Circus in Utah; February 2024

Photo courtesy of Wes Burdett of Utah Animal Rights Coalition

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Lisa Scharin
Lisa Scharin
11. Mai

I was hoping there would be a petition here! I will keep writing to Shriners to urge them to STOP using Animals! I HOPE That Viola and Isa can be REMOVED and ALL others VERY SOON!!! To Sanctuaries-PRAYING FOR THAT!!!!

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