CWI Speaks Out Against "Tiger Tent"

Despite the large number of failed animal acts in Las Vegas, magician Jay Owenhouse, backed by a huge big-money corporation, has set his eyes on Las Vegas. He has proposed to erect a temporary circus tent on the Vegas Strip where he would hold three tigers. The tigers would be used as part of his magic act. When CWI heard the news that this project was going before the Clark County Board of Commissioners, we took several actions. We immediately researched his proposal in conjunction with a city planning expert, we mobilized locals to submit information to the Commission encouraging them to deny the petition, and we contacted our friends in the Captive Animal Law Enforcement division of PET

Save Nevada Bears - Act Now!

On June 25, 2020, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDoW) killed a young mother bear who was caring for two cubs. She was accused of ripping out the garage door panels on a home in Incline Village, NV. On June 28, 2020, NDoW struck again. Another female bear was killed for the crime of entering through an open sliding glass door, grabbing a jar of peanut butter, and leaving. She was trapped, and despite neighbors being told she'd be relocated, NDoW opted to take her life. This is not a new problem. Between 2017-2019, NDoW captured 20 different bears. Some of these bears were also killed by NDoW or moved to an area where trophy hunting is permitted and subsequently killed by a hunter. Yet th

Roar For Cecil!

From July 1-2, CompassionWorks International remembers Cecil the lion, who was mercilessly killed by Walter Palmer 5 years ago. Please join our Facebook event and spread awareness in your online communities about the evil of trophy hunting!

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