Betty: not with Garden but on the road

We are sad to share that once again Betty has been forced out on the road to perform in cruel circus performances. This year she is being used and abused by Jordan World Circus. We need protesters to show up for her and for those living in towns she is performing in to speak out against circus cruelty to your city or town government. Educate your friends and neighbors about the dangers of the use of animals in the circus both to the animals and to people. We offer talking points and other information free of charge at We are also glad to work with individuals one-on-one when a circus is heading to your region. Simply contact us via our website for assistance. Jordan World

2020 Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting

We thank all of the event leaders and protesters who joined us for this year's WRATH event! Once again across the country and overseas many animal advocates braved challenging weather conditions to get out and educate the public about the cruelty of trophy hunting. Meanwhile, protesters gathered outside of the Safari Club International annual convention that was once again held in Reno, Nevada! For those on Facebook, we'd like to point you to the video of the massive march and demonstration that took place in Birmingham, England. Get involved in WRATH 2021 by visiting our dedicated page to learn more. Here are a sampling of some images from the 2020 Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting:

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