Vegan Village a Success!

This past weekend, CWI held our 2nd Vegan Village of the year, which we hosted at the Sunset Park'd Festival in partnership with Clark County Parks and Recreation! We were able to bring 17 vegan vendors together to be a dominate force in an otherwise "omni" festival. Glad to see a couple thousand vegans show up with friends and family to expose them to the awesome world of being cruelty-free! In 2019, we are planning to do two Vegan Village events, as well as our Vegas VegFest event, which will be entering its 4th year!

Zoo Incidents October 2018

As a ongoing new feature, CWI will bring together a collection of incidents that have compromised the health and safety of animals confined in zoos. Houston Zoo exhibit evacuated after chimp smashes glass window (link) Bongo escapes enclosure by jumping the fence, 600 guests in zoo at time of escape (link) Bear kills wolf in shared enclosure at Netherlands zoo (link) Woman contracts skin infection Mycobacterium marinum from touch pool at Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (link) Zookeeper injured by bison during vet exam at Columbus Zoo (link) African serval bites toddler during an “ambassador animal” birthday party at Potawatomi Zoo (link) Chimp breaks glass barrier at Houston Zoo in front of guests

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