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Speak out for Christie & Zuri at Hogle Zoo!

Since 2015, Hogle Zoo has kept just two elephants in its high altitude zoo.

Recently, CWI found African elephants Christie and Zuri outside in 36 degree Salt Lake City weather following morning snow showers.

The standards set by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums require that all accredited facilities keep a minimum of three elephants (or two males). It is inexcusable that the mother and daughter team of Christie and Zuri are denied the ability to be a part of a herd, as elephant welfare standards require. Further, the climate of Hogle Zoo is entirely incompatible with an appropriate environment for keeping African elephants. For the duration of our inspection, the elephants stayed far away from the snow in the small section of their habitat that remained snow-free.

Confining Christie and Zuri without companionship in an incompatible environment does nothing to conserve elephants, but their captivity does bolster the zoo's bottomline. Remember: zoos have existed for hundreds of years while species have continued to decline. Don't buy zoo lies. Captivity is not conservation.


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