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Hogle Zoo:
Send Christie & Zuri to Sanctuary.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Hogle Zoo, the state of Utah & the USDA are failing elephants Christie & her daughter Zuri by forcing them to live alone in cold Salt Lake City.

Per AZA accreditation requirements, the elephants should have a minimum of a third elephant in their habitat. Yet mother and daughter have been alone since 2015 when 55 year old Dari was euthanized.

Hogle Zoo claims to be committed to elephants, yet if they actually cared about elephants why would they condemn a species unsuited to the cold climate of Salt Lake City to their zoo?

It is time Hogle Zoo did the right thing and gave Christie and Zuri a better life in an accredited sanctuary where they can enjoy the company of others and an environment suited to their inclinations and needs.
Please let Hogle Zoo CEO Doug Lund know that you expect him to put elephant welfare ahead of zoo profits NOW.

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