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Nevada Fails Black Bears

The Nevada Wildlife Commission failed to take action on a petition requesting that hounding be banned as a means of hunting bears during the annual Nevada black bear trophy hunt.

Only 2 of the 9 commissioners voted in favor of the petition. This is unsurprising because, like most state wildlife commissions, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners is stacked with special interests including hunters, ranchers, and farmers --all individuals with an interest in killing native wildlife to suit their whims and contrived needs. CWI is grateful to Commissioner Kerstan Hubbs (the one member who represents the general public) and Commissioner David McNinch (who represents the interests of conservation) for standing up against the evil practice of hounding.

While those desiring to kill bears by using the lazy method of implementing hounds to make their kills easier claim that banning hounding is based on "emotion", there is no scientific reason for the bear hunt. The sole reason it takes place is to appease the emotions of hunters.

One commissioner suggested that hunters avoid being filmed using hounds while hunting as it paints a bad picture of the practice. It's simply unjust and surreal that this is the type of governance Nevada's wildlife can expect.

CWI is disappointed by this inaction, but thanks the more than 1,600 individuals who responded to our call for support. We will be continuing our work for Nevada's bears and will be requesting additional actions in the future, including participation in our "Stop the Hunt" event presently set to take place on September 18. Our site is always available as an educational resource to those in the Tahoe region wanting to curb human/wildlife conflict.


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