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USDA Complaint Filed Against Carden


At a recent performance of the Kosair Shrine Circus, which was performed by Carden International Circus, we saw the unbelievable: a handler had offered a bullhook to an elephant while unattended and with children present.

The elephant held the bullhook for a minimum of 10 minutes, while her handler walked off or stood nearby looking at his phone. Meanwhile, children were being loaded onto the back of another elephant and taking rides around the ring mere feet from the elephant branding a dangerous weapon.

Due to this grievous violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act, CWI filed a compliant with the USDA focused on the lax elephant handling measures we've seen time and again at Carden Intl, which put both elephants and the public at serious risk of injury.

Carden International continues to book dates and has upcoming performances. Get involved!


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