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NRA Director & Wife are Elephant Killers

Newly leaked video reveals that the CEO of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, and his wife are trophy hunters who killed elephants during a 2013 hunt.

Despite portraying himself as an expert hunter, LaPierre is revealed to be an incompetent with a gun who ends up torturing an elephant prior to its death. The horrifying details are documented in a graphic video which was transcribed by NPR. While you can view the video/article here, we recommend sensitive viewers avoid the video and possibly the text as well. It is truly horrifying, though revealing of just how incompetent these supposed "expert hunters" are.

To add insult to injury, LaPierre's wife also murders an elephant and completes her desecration of the animal by chopping of his/her tail. She then gleefully holds it up proud of the atrocity she has committed.

Trophy hunters are vile and disgusting individuals whose ego and wealth enable them to feel empowered to take a life simply because they get off on it. There is, unfortunately, no better way to portray them. These are people who COULD be using their wealth to develop bonafide conservation programs abroad. Instead, they get their rocks off by shooting innocent animals and then using their bodies for bragging rights and home ornament.

CWI is the only organization actively taking aim at Safari Club International and its evil body of trophy hunters. We host the yearly Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting event, along with others throughout the year. You can see what we're currently working on at our dedicated page:


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