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It's nearly summertime! Though the circus schedule tends to quiet down in the hotter months, there are still a few to look out for. Here's a roundup of circuses using exotic animals that are presently on the road.

Carden International Circus: They are touring with between 2-4 elephants, including Betty. They also have camels, ponies and other domestic animals. In June, Carden will perform in Illinois (where elephants are banned from performing), Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Culpepper & Merriweather: They are traveling with two tigers (Solomon and Delilah) and a young lion (Wendell). More than the others, this circus tends to visit very rural areas. In June, they will perform in Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Jordan World Circus: This circus tends to travel with a menagerie of animals. Very recently, they have dogs and horses only, though we suspect this will be temporary and elephants and tigers will return to their performances. We'll keep you updated!

Shrine Circuses: These circuses are actually one of the aforementioned circuses operating under the name "Shrine Circus". Shrine Circuses in South Dakota performing in June will be provided by Carden International or Jordan World Circus. Learn more about Shrine Circuses.

Circus World: Circus World is a museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin that also offers daily performances during the summer months. Elephants Isa and Viola (owned by Carson & Barnes Circus) are on site and forced to perform and give rides.

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