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CWI Supports the Humane Pet Store Ordinance


A new ordinance is being proposed for unincorporated Clark County (the areas in and around Las Vegas that aren't under city management) banning the sale of dogs, cats, pot-bellied pigs, and rabbits in pet stores within that region. Proposed by the Humane Society of the United States and put forth by Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, the bill would impact the selling of animals at 12 stores.

With numbers of abandoned pets on the rise due to drastically rising rents in and around Las Vegas, this would be a very positive step toward reducing the number of animals in the valley. Local shelters and rescue groups consistently find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of animals without homes. Taking action now can save countless lives down the line.

Many animals sold via pet stores are obtained from brutal and disgusting puppy mills, where animals lack care, living conditions, medical attention, and appropriate socialization. Ending the sale of dogs at pet stores will cripple that vile industry.

The Humane Pet Store Ordinance will be heard by the Clark County Board of Commissioners in August.

At this time, CWI calls on residents of Clark County, Nevada to get in touch with your commissioner and express your support for this important ordinance. Phone calls are preferable, but you may also email. Contact information for the commissioners can be found at this link.

Speak up and help end the overpopulation of companion animals!


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