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Addressing the death of Rani in St Louis


CWI was saddened to learn of the death of Rani in St. Louis at only 27-years-old.

Ray Meibaum/The St. Louis Zoo

Unfortunately, the media surrounding this story has been deceptive and exploitative.

While it appears they've decided to abandon the story, CWI spoke recently with CNN regarding the misleading assertion that Rani died as a result of the elephants held at the zoo becoming startled by a loose domestic dog in their vicinity.

Let's be clear: Rani died because she was kept captive in an unnatural situation. It was later learned that she suffered from a heart condition. She did not simply 'become spooked by a dog and die'.

It is further worth remembering that Rani first became pregnant at age 9, which is unnatural for an elephant and place an inappropriate strain on her young body. Following, 2 of her 3 babies died of EEHV. There is also a history of tuberculosis at St. Louis Zoo.

Elephants do not thrive in captivity. They are unable to live a normal, natural existence. Never visit elephants in zoos, circuses, or any other confinement industry.


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