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Our campaign for Betty continues

Every week, CompassionWorks International monitors the whereabouts of circuses traveling with animals.

With that information, we set up demonstrations and other actions that inform local communities about circus cruelty.

Occasionally we find advocates willing to go the extra mile, and a community ready to fund great projects. This is the situation taking place this week in Wichita Falls, Texas! Starting today, we were able to mount a billboard to "greet" the upcoming performances of Garden Bros Circus.

Garden Bros is touring with long suffering elephants Betty and Bo. You may recall Betty's plight from signing our petition demanding her release to sanctuary, which has collected over 225,000 signatures!

In Wichita Falls? Please attend their protests taking place on July 2nd. Contact us for info. For other circus protest information, please visit our dedicated site:

Thank you to all of the wonderful donors who have made our billboard projects possible this year! To make a tax-deductible contribution to support our work, please click here.

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