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Royal Hanneford Circus Cruelty

Circus cruelty continues even after Ringling has closed!

At a recent circus performance in Wisconsin, Royal Hanneford Circus forced elephants Lulu, Zola, and Chang to give rides in a crowded, noisy circus arena. Multiple passengers were piled on their backs, while notorious animal abuser Tim Frisco walks them around in a circle.

It should be obvious to ANY observer that this isn't a normal, natural, or desirable situation for elephants, and that a massive safety concern exists for anyone in the arena. Had just one of the elephants decided to "fall out of line" numerous individuals could have been trampled and killed within a matter of minutes.

How many times have we seen tragic accidents occur in circuses or other performances involving tigers? Yet the practice sadly continues.

Sometimes, over many years, cruelty becomes commonplace, and it can be hard to see unless it is pointed out. At CWI, we expose the cruelties that take place against animals every day.

In this instance, also witnessed at a Royal Hanneford Circus performance, it's clear to see that tigers are being forced to perform under the threat of a whip, a punch....a slap.

It's time to end circus cruelty. Get involved at our dedicated site: To support our efforts to end circus cruelty, click here.

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