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Circus Pages has CLOSED

CWI was recently tipped off that Circus Pages was closing for business...and that tip turned out to be true! Yet another circus has opted to fold rather than to evolve into an ethical, sustainable business.

Ending animal abusing circuses has been one of CWI's primary campaigns since before we came into being as an organization. We have been battling circus cruelty on a daily basis since 2011, so we are gratified to see the fruits of hundreds of hours of effort. We are grateful to the thousands of animal advocates who joined us in protesting and acting against circus abuse.

Circus Pages joins Ringling Bros Circus and Cole Bros Circus in closing up shop permanently, while Ramos Bros Circus and Kelly Miller Circus have opted to go animal-free.

An unfortunate update to this story is that Circus Pages opted to not do the right thing by Daisy and Bambi. Rather than securing a home for them at a reputable sanctuary, they choose to place them both at the Memphis Zoo where they will continue to be capitalized off of. While we are glad they are no longer enduring circus life, we are saddened that these ladies will not live out their lives experiencing the peace and safety of a reputable sanctuary.

You can support our efforts to end circus cruelty by getting involved in protesting circuses using animals in your community. For more information, please visit

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