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Acting Against Circuses in China

CWI is a proud member of the Animals For Asia Coalition (AFA).

Recently we joined other organizations from around the world in supporting a letter put forth by the AFA addressed to Mr. Xu Qin, Governor of the Hebei Provincial Government in Shijiazhuang, China, requesting that he choose not to include the use of animals in the forthcoming Shijiazhuang International circus festival.

Numerous instances of attacks on humans by wild animals were noted in the letter:

Attacks by wild animals in circuses in China:

March 2018 / Fuzhou, China; Circus trainer killed by a tiger in the arena at Fuzhou Zoo.

November 2017 / Xichuan, China; Caged tiger attacks man’s hand as he tries to feed it.

November 2017 / Hongdong County, Shanxi, China; Caged tiger scratches two members of the public

as door to circus arena is opened.

November 2017 / Linfen, China; Tiger escapes circus ring and injuries two children.

August 2017 / Yingkou, China; Tiger attacked a circus trainer during a performance at the Yingkou

Liaohe Grand Theatre.

January 2015 /Yulin, China; Circus lion escaped and fled into abandoned building, it was re-captured

with no casualties.

January 2015 / Putian, China; Twelve-year-old boy attacked by a circus tiger as it was being led back

to its cage at a travelling circus.

November 2014 / Chongqing, China; Eight-year-old girl killed by a circus tiger at the Leheledu

Amusement Park (Chongqing Safari Park).

October 2014 / Changsha, China; Two animal performance trainers were injured by a bear during a


June 2011/ Jiangxi, China; Circus tiger jumps into crowd and mauls a 7yr old girl and her father.

September 2010 / Changchun, China: An Elephant keeper was killed by an elephant used in a

performance at Changchun Wildlife Park.

February 2008 / China: a 10-year-old boy, had his arm bitten off by a performing lion at Wan Fo Ta

Zoo, Meng Cheng.

February 2007 / Kunming, China: a six-year-old girl was killed by a tiger when she was preparing to

take a photo with it at Kunming Zoo.

November 2003 / Chengdu, China: two Siberian tigers attacked and bit two female trainers’ in the

lower jaw and shoulders whilst performing ‘the beasts crosses the beauty’s bridge’ at Chengdu Wildlife

World 18

To read the full text of the letter, please click here.

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