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Phuket Zoo Nightmare

As part of our investigations of animal cruelty in Thailand, we visited the Phuket Zoo, on the island of Phuket in the south of Thailand.

We will share more from our time there in the coming weeks and months, but short video clip nearly says it all.

While we were observing a large adult elephant chained to a tree, we heard a very strange and disturbing sound. After some investigation, we realized the sound was a juvenile elephant chained and alone within a large empty space. The sound we heard was the noise of the chain binding the elephants front feet as the elephant shuffled in a circle across the cement surface.

Watch and LISTEN:

This situation is horrible, but it CAN end, when tourists choose not to visit "attractions" like the Phuket Zoo.

Want to help? Share the word that tourists to Thailand, India, and right here in the United States should never visit facilities that promote elephant riding, chaining, or other forms of intensive confinement. #betheirvoice

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