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Camel Abuse in Tennessee

Last night, CWI filed an emergency complaint with the USDA regarding a camel that witnesses observed being hit and otherwise harmed after the camel dropped to the ground while giving rides and refused to stand.

The two women who were riding the camel when the camel fell recorded the incident, and CWI leapt into action after the video was shared with us.

This poor camel had been forced to give rides for several hours in 90 degree heat with high humidity before collapsing to the ground and refusing to get up.

Watch the deeply disturbing incident here:

As a result of the media attention surrounding this incident, the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee opted to remove the camel rides from its entertainment schedule. However, CWI hopes that the USDA will follow-up on our complaint and removes the camel from its handlers to avoid dangerous situation such as this in the future.

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