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We've Joined Silver State Wildlife


CWI is happy to announce that we've joined the Silver State Wildlife coalition.

In the past, CWI has worked toward ending the Nevada bear hunt in partnership with No Bear Hunt NV. Long-time followers might remember the anti-bear hunt billboard we mounted in Reno as a part of our Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting event. Prior to that, we held a large anti-hunt protest in 2017, as well as sent out a mass mailing to 15,000 residents in the Lake Tahoe region with instructions on how to be more "bear aware".

We look forward to working with the coalition to move the ball forward on key issues facing Nevada wildlife including: trapping, wildlife killing contests, and reforming the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners (like many state wildlife commissions, the make-up of the Nevada commission is primarily of those who benefit from the continued slaughter of wildlife).

Whether under threat in captivity or in the wild, CWI is ready to take action for animals!


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