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Taking on Trophy Hunters Around the World

On January 12th, CWI produced the 4th annual Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (WRATH), an annual event that coincides with the annual conference of Safari Club International, a group of trophy hunters who kill animals for fun, bragging rights, and gold stars from SCI.

The conference was held in Reno, NV where CWI gathered more than 50 caring animal advocates to speak out against trophy hunting.

Less than a half mile from the convention, CWI mounted a billboard that not only addressed the trophy hunters down the street, but also the yearly immoral Nevada black bear trophy hunt. The billboard made a bold statement in opposition to the hunt, and could be seen from inside the main hotel associated with the SCI convention!

The billboard also brought media attention to our efforts, and we especially thank KTNV Channel 2 News for their extensive coverage of our protest including an in depth interview with CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc.

Though several SCI members attempted to intimidate, threaten, or provoke the peaceful Reno demonstrators, no serious incidents occurred, and we thank the Reno Police Department for protecting and defending our right to free speech.

However, all of the action wasn't just in Reno. We were thrilled to have the participation of 32 cities across 16 states and 7 countries! Here are images from some of the rallies:

CWI is working with activists across the country to protest the local SCI chapter events that are set to take place over the next many months. To view the SCI calendar and see if they are headed your way, click here. If you need posters, leaflets, or other assistance for your protest, email us. For a list of protests we have organized or are supporting, please visit the event section of the WRATH Facebook page.

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