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Ringling Four Years Later

On May 21, we celebrated the four year anniversary of the end of Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus! Take a stroll down memory lane and watch videos and see our pics from the final Ringling protest. CWI was a leading organization in the support of protests and other actions against Ringling. We were proud to have co-hosted the final demonstration in New York!

Ringling has been back in the news recently due to the relocation of 12 of the elephants formerly owned by Feld Entertainment/Ringling Bros to White Oak Conservation outside of Jacksonville, Florida. Ultimately, all of the Feld elephants who are fit to travel will be relocated to the facility where they have vast amounts of territory to roam and are not subjected to bullhooks or forced to perform stupid tricks.

This facility is an infinitely improved living situation for the Ringling elephants, though we do acknowledge that White Oak intends to breed elephants for the purpose of captivity. CWI adamantly opposes this practice and encourages everyone to refuse to visit circuses, zoos, and other facilities that deny elephants the normal, natural life they deserve.

Captivity is not conservation.


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