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Vegan in Vegas? We've Got You!


Ready to visit a vegan restaurant in Las Vegas but don't know where to go? You're in luck, because Las Vegas is CWI's home city. We've got you!

CWI's Vegas VegFest just launched a new page on which shares the names and locations of all fully vegan restaurants in Vegas. We hope you will find it useful next time you're not sure where to dine! Our handy map makes it easy for visitors to identify a restaurant in their area of town. Happy vegan eating!

Additionally, after a two year hiatus, we're bringing back our annual Las Vegan Potluck & Picnic! Join us in Sunset Park for eating, socializing and fun. It's also a great time to connect with us if you are interested in volunteering for Vegas VegFest. Please RSVP!

Why vegan? Learn more at our dedicated site:!


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