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Valentine's Day Nightmare

In our work against trophy hunting, we are rarely surprised by the level of depravity exhibited by those who massacre animals for fun. However a story out of Britain shook us to our core.

Merelize Van Der Merwe, 32, from South Africa, killed a beautiful 17 year old male giraffe for Valentine's Day and gleefully posed with the dead animal's heart.

Be clear: trophy hunters do not care about conservation. They make weak, easily refuted conservation claims because they enjoy killing. Individuals like Merelize are a disgrace and do nothing substantial to ensure the continued existence of Africa's megafauna.

To read more, click this link.

To get involved with CWI's year anti-trophy hunting rally, the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting, stay tuned to our dedicated WRATH site and to our WRATH Facebook page. This year's event will likely be virtual and take place July 1-2.


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