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Support Animals This Holiday Season


Giving Tuesday is upon us! As you are starting and enjoying your holiday season, please remember the billions of animals suffering as a result of human greed, selfishness, and interference. It is difficult, if not impossible, to calculate that level of suffering. But we can all take a piece of this massive problem and do what we can to bring about a free and fair world for all.

This past year, CWI has had enormous success in our hometown of Las Vegas in putting a stop to the use of animals for entertainment. We've also hosted our Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting, supported countless activists with our anti-animal circus campaign, held our Vegas VegFest (which saw 6000 people this year!), and so much more.

As a small organization, your support truly matters to us. Your partnership is the only thing that keeps us going! Please donate to keep us moving forward for animals as we enter our 10th year of operation. Please donate today by clicking here, or at our Facebook fundraiser.

Happy Holidays!


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